Certified Exchanged Life Counselor: Spirituotherapy Model
Certification in Exchanged Life Recovery Coach Ministry


Steps to Certification: Exchanged Life Counselor
(Follow links for more detail)

A. GFI Equipping Modules

B. Required Reading

  • Handbook to Happiness* (Solomon)
  • The Ins and Out of Rejection* (Solomon)
  • For Me to Live is Christ* (Solomon)
  • How to Exchange Your Life for a New One* (Jones)
  • Handbook for Christ-Centered Counseling* (Solomon)
  • Man as Spirit, Soul and Body* (Woodward)
  • The New Life* (Wallis)
  • Discipling the Desperate* (Solomon) or Exchanged Lives (Best)
  • When Friends Ask for Help* (Sala)
  • The Bondage Breaker (Anderson) or Toward a Deeper Walk (Warner)
  • The Normal Christian Life (Nee) or Bone of His Bone (Huegel)
  • Absolute Surrender (Murray) or Victory in Christ (Trumbull)

C. Required Audio/Video

D. Personal Ministry Practicum

40 hours of documented discipleship counseling
This module is fulfilled at the student’s location. The Practicum Supervision fee
covers the monitoring of the trainee’s progress, Core Knowledge Review, and four supervisory phone sessions.

See this Certification page and the Recovery Coach track under the About menu at GraceFellowshipInternational.com

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