ELC Classic Videos

Grace Fellowship International Exchanged Life Conference – Classic Edition.

The student should have a copy of the accompanying notebook (available below as a PDF or from GFI as a hard copy). This page features videos of the “Classic” edition of the Exchanged Life Conference taught by Dr. Charles Solomon. They were recorded in 1990. Please allow time for the videos to load (especially if your computer or connection is not fast). DVDs of this content are available from the GFI store.

The password for these videos is rcl1990

To download a video, click on the “vimeo” symbol and click the button.

1: “Components of a Meaningful Life”


2. “The Rejection Syndrome”
x3. “The Self-Life or the Christ-Life?” (Wheel diagrams)
4. “In Adam or in Christ?” 


5. “Paths to the Cross” part 1
6. “Paths to the Cross” part 2

7. “Cleansing” part 2

8. “Cleansing” part 2

9. “Healing of Damaged Emotions”

10. Choosing and Refusing

11. Counseling in Context