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Exchanged Life Counseling PDF Archive


Christian_Counseling: A Litmus Test  -Michael Wells

Christian_Counsel – Dr. Bill Gillham

The Doctor Is In

Intro to Pastoral Counseling

Counseling_Modalities_chart – from Handbook to Happiness, by Dr. Charles Solomon

Truth in Counseling

Personal Ministry

Teaching vs_Counseling – Dr. Charles Solomon

How should we appeal to pastors if they are not teaching the believer’s new identity in Christ? – Dr. John Woodward

Spiritual Formation




Flesh_Patterns  – Lee LeFebre

Head_to_Heart Process

Sailboat Parable – Illustrating 4 Phases of Counseling


Planning a Counseling Ministry GFI 

Develop a Powerful Lay Ministry  – Dr. Skip Hunt

Lifeline Caregiving Course (Link to Hope for the Heart)

You can purchase the Lifeline Caregiving Manual in their store here.