Knowing This…

Ken and Sherry Callaway came to Grace Fellowship for training in 2012. They have now formed “Knowing This Ministries” in Gonzales, Texas based on Romans 6:6: “Knowing this, that our old man was crucified with Christ…”


Our vision is to disciple, teach, coach, walk alongside people (spirit of Barnabas), to lead people to the only One that can “illuminate”(Eph 1:17-18) their minds, so they may “reckon/consider” (Rom 6:11; Col 2:6) the truth of Galatians 2:20 and Romans 6:6. THEN, “appropriate” this truth (John 15:4,5; Col. 1:27) so that God may be glorified! (Col. 3:17)

Our passion is centered on relationships. We have a passion to teach people who they really are! –what their “true identity” in Christ is! We are passionate to help missionaries and churches to be all Jesus wants them to be. We have a desire to watch in awe, as a person surrenders their heart to Christ and then be honored to be present as they learn the “Abundant Life” as Jesus taught us in John 10:10!


Their web site is here:

Ken and Sherry are seeing God lead struggling people out of the wilderness into the Promised Land of the Abiding Life. They are available locally to provide personal ministry and a one day seminar.


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