Alumni Head to Spain

Bob and Joan Galasso attended the GFI training week in Tennessee a number of years ago.

They have found that their most important relationship is a living and growing relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Bob and Joan spent their first four years of ministry in Youth For Christ followed by twenty-four years in pastoral ministry with The Christian and Missionary Alliance before starting Alive In Christ Ministries, Inc. in 2002. They desire to share God’s love through evangelism, leadership development, and coming alongside Christian workers providing a safe place for God to heal, equip and restore His servants.

One of their popular presentations is titled, “Have You Died Lately?” (based on Luke 9:23 and Galatians 2:20).

This month they write:

We rejoice in the Lord and we share with you our praises: God has brought healing to hearts and souls with His hope and love! He continues to shine Light into people’s lives, revealing Truth and dispelling lies! He is the Way, the Truth and the Light! We ask that you cover us in prayer for our Pastoral Care Ministry in Spain during September 24 – October 13.Our theme for the retreat (Oct. 2-4) is “Come To The Waters.” Pray for hearts to be refreshed and God will bless each one with His Presence!

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