The Purpose of Trials

51k-axmbtslFrom Exchanged Life Counselor, Anne Trippe:

I Wanted to let you all know that my new book, The Purpose of Trials and Adversity, is officially out and available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I am excited about the possibilities for those who read it. It is different. It is encouraging. It explains some “mysteries”.

The book is about 126 pages and a total re-write and expansion of same the truths of “Christ-as-Life” in a small booklet I wrote about 30 years ago…

“When facing trials and hard times, the problem and the solution each might include things we wouldn’t suspect. The chapters in this book will take us to     places we might not have considered.  Would you believe that scripture actually encourages us to be “preppers” – to get ready for the trials that will come?  But in the book, before we learn to be “preppers”, we take a side trip to unearth some origins and discover a mystery.

Did you know our learning to respond correctly to adversity includes what we call a “paradox”, an enigma to the world system?  And this paradox to the world is a picture of God Himself? There is a chapter explaining the lines that must be drawn as this paradox is lived out.  As readers progress through the book, they will learn what God’s will is for them. They will see that His purposes are actually woven into and worked out of trials and adversities in the lives of His people – a divine design. Experiencing the grace and promises that are already theirs, and exposing the Life of Christ that dwells in born-again believers, are main themes in the book.”

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