People Helper Testimony

A Grace Fellowship student just sent in this testimony.

I used to work in a nursing home in the year 2000 for two and a half days a week. It was a blessing to be able to minister to the residents there and their families.
One day they brought a man who was in his nineties and was dying. He was under hospic care. I usually carry a pocket size Bible with me or Bible verses to share with them. The daughter of the man that was dying seemed to be without cares which puzzled me. One day I walked into the room by accident and apologized to her. I asked her if she was alright and she smiled an said ‘yes’. So, I turned around to walk out and suddenly she said ‘no’. I asked her if she would like for me to pray with her and said ‘yes’. The father’s name was Arnold. His mind was o.k. and could hear well and understand. I asked Arnold to squeeze my finger once for yes and twice for no, of which he understood. So with that in place I explained the Gospel to him and he received Christ as his Savior.

When I was about to leave I gave the daughter some verses to read. Verses concerning Christ when Jesus said : ” I WILL.” The following day I met the daughter in the elevator and she said to me… “My dad is ready and packed to go home.” I was shocked to hear that! And then she said to me… “I mean ready to go home to heaven to be with JESUS.” After passing away the daughter came looking for me. We talked for a bit and then she pulled out her check book to write me a check of which I refused. I told her that I was glad and happy that Jesus met a need in her life. But, she insisted to write me a check. So I told her that she could make it to the church and that if she could inform the director of nurses –which she did, and all was o.k. with that.

A few days later “her” daughter sent me a thank you card and was grateful that her mother was able to let go of her dad. The card came from Arnold’s granddaughter. With another check made to the church of which I also reported to the director of nurses, and that too was o.k. It was a blessing ministering to the people there…but there is something more to come!

One of my co-workers I had been ministering to for about two months also had quite a conversion. She was brought up in a works-based church and was faithful to it. She was a HARD NUT to crack. In God’s timing she gave her life to Christ. She reminded me of Dr. Solomon’s conversion.

One day she was coming towards me and I noticed that something was different about her. As she approached, she said to me… “R____, I met with Jesus! He was there with me,_______! ” I said to myself… ” What did I do wrong?” She insisted that Jesus was there with her. Red flags were waving in my head. But then she said to me… “That night Jesus was SO real to me as though He was there with me physically. He was not but, He might just as well have been.”

During Thanksgiving she was telling me that later there were about nine people around the table and she shared Christ with them, that a couple of the family began to cry. One family member was married to a Jewish man and he walked out. She has quite a ministry going. I have kept up with her through the years. And kept sending her websites to read. And just a few months ago she thank me for a website because she gave it to her husband and he also to gave his life to Christ. WHAT A GREAT AND AWSOME GOD WE HAVE!

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