Testimony from Mexico


Spanish edition of Handbook to Happiness

Spanish edition of Handbook to Happiness

I am in Mexico teaching in the Word of Life Bible Institute for three weeks. The Lord ordained an encounter with a young man that asked to meet with me privately. He is currently preparing to enter the pastorate and his desire is to serve in a country that is a spiritually dark place. In our first conversation I learned that he was discouraged, suffering defeat in his walk with the Lord, and questioning whether God would use him in the ministry. He was at the point of giving up on his dreams. The Lord used His word to restore this young man´s heart in an amazing way. I shared the basic truths of the exchanged life using the wheel and line diagrams; of course I am using the Spanish Language version.
We discussed the meanings of the truths represented in those drawings, read the Bible passages and prayed together. First he was broken when he saw his life experience reflected in the wheel. He recognized that in his own strength he would never accomplish the dreams God placed in his heart. But his eyes were opened to understand that God´s design for his life is an exchanged life. He has a new identity, Christ living in him. I believe he really got Gal. 2:20! Christ is his life!
In a follow-up meeting he said that life looks different now and he has a fresh understanding of 2 Cor. 2:17; “old things are passed away and all things are being made new”. I later learned that when we first met it was his birthday! What a birthday present the Lord gave him! He now has had a white funeral, a death certificate and a proclamation of his new identity.
Well, I suppose you can guess as to what is happening now.  This guy is beaming with joy. One by one guys that want to talk privately are looking for me between classes, after classes, at night … looks as though my days are going to be full until I leave for home on Dec 5.
I hope you will pray for me as the Lord brings me to your thoughts. God is doing great things!

Jim H.

graduate of GFI Workshop 11/2014

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