Champions Arise


GFI alumnus and associate, Edmund Spieker, is leading a TransWorld Radio initiative aimed at men called Champions Arise.

Champions Arise was born as a prayerful answer to a question from an African brother in Mozambique. Aware of the worldwide plight of women and TWR’s ministry through Project Hannah, he asked the challenging question, “Why doesn’t TWR have programs for men? We men need so much help!”

We agree! The need for men to take on their spiritual leadership role in the church is a crisis of tremendous proportion. There is a great need for mentoring, encouragement and discipling of men.

Champions Arise is a TWR initiative unique in its development and administration. CA differs from the typical TWR cooperating broadcaster model. With an emphasis on relationship and spiritual calling, TWR not only serves as a distributor of content, but as the initiator of a ministry built on prayer, and as provider of program content, partnerships and coordination…


We hope to provide a series of transcripts for this radio broadcast on the theme of the Exchanged Life. For more information, visit the web site:

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