Thanks for the Diagrams

My name is Don Livermore, formerly a Christ Centered counselor at His Life Ministries in Springfield, MO where we used the Wheel & Line diagrams as our primary tool in the counseling process. I still use these diagrams from time to time in helping those God sends my way through our local church body. I also do a little bit of teaching in our Identity In Christ ministry at our church.

I’ve lost track of just when I began using the diagrams but somewhere between 20 and 25 years ago I’d guess. It is what God used to show me why no matter how hard I tried….I just could not live out the Christ Life….in that small quiet voice God gave me some great advice….as in…..”Don, if you ever hope to achieve your goal of living the Christ Life you need to let the only Person to ever have lived that life….live it out THROUGH you”….Since that day so many many years back…I’ve never turned away from that advice.

Dr. Solomon, thank you for these diagrams.

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