Testimony from a Workshop Grad

Merry Christmas!

…While I am not yet rooted in a job [as a counselor], and am looking forward to some traveling in Central America this winter, I have been able to share the exchanged life wheel and line diagrams with five people. I was able to share an overview of it with a friend whom I visited in Nashville on the way home from the conference.

Also, in the past month God has been doing some incredible things with four of my co-workers at the group home and has illuminated some truths about who He is and the truth of the gospel to them. I have led three of them in a group of the wheel diagrams (and assigned some reading for them 🙂 I have gone over the wheel and line individually with one of the ladies from the group and also one of the ladies who works at a sister home closer to the Twin Cities [MN]. The executive director (of the group home) is also interested in what is happening and wants to be a part of the group the next time that we meet up.

It has been fun to see the Spirit work in the lives of these people and to have the opportunity to direct, encourage, question, share, and pray with them. The fact that I’m not working has allowed plenty of time to sit and talk with them about the truth of who they are in Christ!

Personally, I see how this model fits much better with my gifts then the traditional counseling I had been doing. It has given me more enthusiasm for starting to counsel again as well. As I say that I am still planning to spend a few months traveling, although instead of the control that I would usually seek, I am trying to keep it very open and allow the Lord who lives through me to surprise me and grow me through the experience. At this point I do believe that I will go to Idaho in the summer and start a practice there–unless the Lord gives me some other direction between then and now…

Hope that all is well with yourself during the Christmas season!


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