A Letter from the Field

It is a joy to mentor those who have taken the Conference and Workshop. Here is a recent email from one of our alumni:

“I wanted to give you an update on where and what is going on with me. First, I’m finally working in a field I enjoy. I work for ____ Criminal Justice Services Division at a program as a job developer/counselor/educator. My supervisor is a Pastor. Today I had asked him about what he does outside work, etc. and the fact I want to start a Christian Counsleing program using Dr. Solomon’s Spirituotherapy, etc. and he said that he has been praying to find a partner in this ministry. Can you believe it! Awesome! God is AWESOME! So he and I will meet soon. I will [also] begin to work on my [GFI] certification with you once I get going.”

Let’s continue to pray for our alumni, that they would experience God’s direction and anointing in their discipleship counseling ministries!

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