From the field: A Breakthrough Testimony

From a church leader who has been equipped by Grace Fellowship’s training and materials. He serves as volunteer Director of Soul Care at his church:

“I hope this blesses you as it does me. The ‘fruits’ of your GRACE 220 labors up here just keep on “rolling” forward. Praise Jesus. Here’s a reaction to a “Eureka” moment from a counselee whom I’ve been taking thru the GRACE 220 material recently 🙂 Here’s what he just sent me: ‘ I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!! Not I, but Christ. Not doing in order to be, but BEING in order to DO. I was crucified with Christ, resurrected, and ascended into heaven WITH Him. I can do all things because HE CAN DO ALL THINGS!!!! Woohoo!!! Praise the Lord and thank you Jesus!… I’ve got the biggest smile on my face and nothing looks the same. Thank you for everything brother. Please pray for protection from the enemy, that I would pick up my cross daily and keep my life surrendered to Him. Thank you again.'”


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