Zambia Mission Trip

[GFI associate, and founder of Crossways to Life, reported on a recent mission trip.]

by Don Higgins,
Ontario, Canada

Miriam and I have just returned from Zambia. We were guests at a Northerm Baptist Association Conference which they [hold] every 2 or 3 years. Here we were, 1200 people, sitting on the ground under the trees with the regalia of the association leaders under a tin roof, ribbons and flare all over the place, and I was to give them 7 lessons on the abundant life in Jesus, and I could not even speak their language. Through and interpreter, I had up to an hour and a half over 4 days to get the task done.

We had an amazing response. They were very attentive, they came forward without an appeal for help, and there were pastors there to help them. However, hardly anyone there had ever heard that they died with Christ [Gal. 2:20], now they have heard it. At the end of the 6th session, one of their distinguished leaders, (2nd in command) led all of them (1200 or so) in a “say after me” prayer which I have attached. They prayed it in their own language (Lamba), and from the level of response, it appeared to me that hundreds were sincere about their prayers.

Scores of folks came to me between sessions and told me how deeply the Spirit was speaking to their hearts. While their native language is Lamba, over 50% of the folks speak the official language of the land which is English. I have no doubt that the Spirit did speak. I sensed a strong anointing throughout, and the response was well received.

The seed is now sown, the Spirit will water and give the increase, and we will wait to see what happens. The President of the Association immediately invited me to return to teach these truths to a pastors seminar next February, (good weather timing), where he expects that he will have 100 or more pastors, leaders, elders and some women in attendance at the Bible School there. I will be given 5 full days, 6 hours each day, in English only, to present the truths of the Exchanged Life Conference.

WOW, and I thought I was retired.

1 thought on “Zambia Mission Trip

  1. Dear Don & Miriam, I’m so glad to follow your travels on this site. I attended your seminar many years ago in Kitchener, where I discovered Christ as my life, and He still is. I can’t imagine life any other way. I have remained friends, and stay in contact with Simon & Ina Vanderkooy. Just wanted to say hi and so glad to hear you are not “retired” but still going strong in the Lord. My best to you and Miriam.
    With love in Christ,
    Darlene Toth

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