Diploma Course Developments

This month we initiated a process of upgrading the GFI Diploma in Biblical Counseling curriculum. These have been traditional self-study-by-mail correspondence courses. As interest has grown in internet-based instruction, we have seen the need to make these primarily delivered online.

online_course_logoWe have renamed the free Udutu powered courses as Discipleship Courses. The tuition-based courses are categorized as Diploma Courses (although they can be taken for individual enrichment, even if the diploma is not the primary objective.)

A revised Course Enrollment page streamlines the application process through linking the student to the GFI store, where the course tuition is paid, and providing a form to request any additional required books.

Under the Course Pages menu, each course will have a password-required landing page with the PDF syllabus, instructions, online content, and other helps. Next to the Course Page will be the password-required Exam Page where the concluding exam is taken online. Please send us any feedback or questions about this transition

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