Tips for Tools

Tips for the Tools: The Value of GFI diagrams in Soul Care Ministry

Tom Bruno’s Soul Care team at New Life Community Church, Elgin, IL hosted a Grace 220 seminar last year and on February 8, 2020 they had a follow up workshop training day. Their focus for that Saturday was the significance and usefulness of Dr. Solomon’s “Wheel diagram” in personal ministry. After a review teaching by Tom, John Woodward joined them by Skype. The introductory teachings were followed by practice sessions and group discussion.

John’s half hour introductory talk was titled “Tips for the Tools.” In this case, the tools are the wheel and line diagrams used in Handbook to Happiness (and other the GFI materials and training). Here’s the outline of equipping the talk:

Tips for the Tools

The Spirituotherapy diagram:

*A tool (Like other tools, this depends on the one using the tool and the need.)

*A testimony (The soul care provider needs to have a “Galatians 2:20 testimony.”)

*A technique (As with other tools, there is a need to learn the way it could/should be used. These tools are intended for  precept-upon-precept conversations in a Discipleship Counseling process.)

Benefits for the Soul Care provider:

*Illustrates the root problem and ultimate solution (The root problem is typically the person walking after the flesh—the “self-life. The ultimate answer is the experiential knowledge of Jesus Christ as Savior, Lord and Life.)

*Simplifies the process (Instead of being preoccupied with labeling and classifying symptoms, Spirituotherapy is heart-oriented.)

*Facilitates the interview (The diagram(s) can be a guide for an important sequence of diagnostic and prescriptive insights.)

Benefits for the care recipient:

*Helps him/her to understand the concepts (The wheel diagram gives a visual reference point for the counselee and and illustrates spiritual, psychological, physical and social dynamics.)

*Helps him/her to track the conversation (There is a flow of diagnostic and prescriptive counsel as the diagrams are used.)

*Helps him/her to remember the counsel (The diagrams can be given for review and follow up. They are in tract or book form (such The Wheel and Line tract and Handbook to Happiness, ch. 2.)

A PowerPoint version of the diagrams is here:


Christ Centered Children’s Counseling


childrens_ministryAs announced in the current GFI newsletter, Glimpses of Grace, we just published a new course on Christ Centered Children’s Counseling. The course is especially for those who have taken some Exchanged Life Conference or Workshop training with Grace Fellowship (or a similar ministry), but can be taken by anyone wanting to be more equipped to effectively disciple and counsel hurting children. It is primarily online, with a course home page, but uses additional required materials. The course can be taken at your own pace. Completion earns a course certificate, and completing ten courses earns our Diploma in Biblical Counseling. The usual tuition of $75 is discounted to $49.00 for those who enroll in December. If you have a question, please contact John Woodward or register by calling GFI at 865-429-0450.

See this children’s video from Don Hammatt:


And a narrative explanation of The Castle tract:

Exchanged Life Counseling Matters

This blog site has been redesigned. GFI Counseling Institute has been merged with our main web site: Online videos and course pages relating to the Exchanged Life Conference, Spirituotherapy Workshop, and Solomon Online Lecture series can all be found at the main GFI site under “Counseling Institute” menu.

This site has been re-purposed as a blog and coaching site for GFI alumni, Network 220 members, and all who are interested in applying the Galatians 2:20 message in a strategic counseling process.

We chose the domain name

Note the collection of relevant PDF documents under the “Doctrinal Matters” menu. Readers’ feedback and suggestions are welcome. Please use the Contact Us page.

Counselor Certification

If you have been wanting to move forward in being equipped for a biblical counseling ministry, check out the Certification Track. Grace Fellowship International offers this credential through a process than can mostly be done where you live, at your own pace. Here is a new PowerPoint video explaining the steps in more detail. The requirements and instructions are listed at the GFI web site’s Certification Page.



Diploma Course Developments

This month we initiated a process of upgrading the GFI Diploma in Biblical Counseling curriculum. These have been traditional self-study-by-mail correspondence courses. As interest has grown in internet-based instruction, we have seen the need to make these primarily delivered online.

online_course_logoWe have renamed the free Udutu powered courses as Discipleship Courses. The tuition-based courses are categorized as Diploma Courses (although they can be taken for individual enrichment, even if the diploma is not the primary objective.)

A revised Course Enrollment page streamlines the application process through linking the student to the GFI store, where the course tuition is paid, and providing a form to request any additional required books.

Under the Course Pages menu, each course will have a password-required landing page with the PDF syllabus, instructions, online content, and other helps. Next to the Course Page will be the password-required Exam Page where the concluding exam is taken online. Please send us any feedback or questions about this transition

GFI Counseling Practicum Supervision

supervisionGFI’s  certification in Exchanged Life Counseling includes a practicum whereby the student provides biblical counseling in his/her area of ministry for 40 hours. When one registers for this module, practicum guideline documents are available to download. This process includes four one hour supervisory telephone sessions with GFI. How about moving forward with Christ-centered counseling training this year? See more detail and register through the GFI online store.

New Workshop Schedule

March 2014 Workshop

March 2014 Workshop

Beginning in August the Spirituotherapy will add Monday afternoon to its schedule. Students commented that the content required more time to be covered at a better pace.

The revised schedule is:

Monday: 1:00-5:00pm

Tuesday: 8:30am-5:00pm (lunch provided)

Wednesday: 8:30am-5:00pm

Thursday: 8:30am-5:00pm (lunch provided)

Updates to the Site

Users of the Grace Fellowship distance education program will notice some recent changes. Instead of the title GFI School, we are using the previous name: GFI Counseling Institute. This is an umbrella term for our distance ed program.

The Institute of Spirituotherapy had been available for a couple of years as Module 1 and Module 2. Now these are combined. The name has been changed back to Solomon School of Spirituotherapy (to distinguish it from the general program, Institute). The cost has been changed to reflect this editing. The Solomon School now features 21 online lectures.

Intro pages have been added under Conference Webinar and Workshop.

Note the new offer to conduct a local version of the GFI Workshop, facilitated by online videos and live Skype supervision over a span of days or weeks (as negotiated and as schedules permit).

And the “Basics” page has been renamed “Open Class” and are still available for public access.

July 2013 Conference and Workshop

The next Grace Fellowship Exchanged Life Conference and Workshop is scheduled for July 19,20 (Conference), and 23-25, 2013 (Workshop) in Sevierville, Tennessee. This an important opportunity for leaders and other disciplers. For details and registration, see the Events Calendar or Conference and Workshop pages, or call GFI @ 1-888-66GRACE. It will be hosted by First Baptist Church in Wears Valley (Sevierville, TN). All who desire Christ-centered discipling and equipping are welcome!