Resources for Christ-Centered Recovery

Cherri Raws Freeman just published a new book on Christ-centered recovery ministry:

“For every person who has entered the destructive life of drug or alcohol addiction, a family is devastated and bewildered as to what they could have done to prevent their loved one from taking this route. Set Free: Finding Truth and Hope When a Loved One is Addicted discusses what addiction is, especially focusing on drugs and alcohol, gives insight into the root causes of addiction, compassionately discusses the impact on the family, and provides hope for being set free from the slavery of addiction for everyone involved.”

It is available as an ebook at and in paperback at

Mike and Julia Quarles transitioned their Freedom from Addictive Behaviors Conference online videos to free access. The videos of their testimonies and Christ-centered recovery teaching are at

Both of these resources are part of GFI’s Recovery Coach curriculum. Let’s pass the word along!