Living Free

Recently, John met with the Director of Living Free ministries in Chattanooga, TN. They have published a Christian counseling oriented small group curriculum that has benefited an estimated 800,000 in the last 25 years ( John shared about the distinctive message and approach of GFI, and we are now reviewing each other’s foundational materials. Wouldn’t it be great for them to catch the vision of recommending Exchanged Life equipping for their small group facilitators?

A Letter from the Field

It is a joy to mentor those who have taken the Conference and Workshop. Here is a recent email from one of our alumni:

“I wanted to give you an update on where and what is going on with me. First, I’m finally working in a field I enjoy. I work for ____ Criminal Justice Services Division at a program as a job developer/counselor/educator. My supervisor is a Pastor. Today I had asked him about what he does outside work, etc. and the fact I want to start a Christian Counsleing program using Dr. Solomon’s Spirituotherapy, etc. and he said that he has been praying to find a partner in this ministry. Can you believe it! Awesome! God is AWESOME! So he and I will meet soon. I will [also] begin to work on my [GFI] certification with you once I get going.”

Let’s continue to pray for our alumni, that they would experience God’s direction and anointing in their discipleship counseling ministries!

However: My Journey From Rejection and Sexual Brokenness to Acceptance and Fidelity

A Personal Testimony
By Richard M.

Having come into this world in 1952, I entertained two ideas about myself from a very early age: the feeling of being “extra,” unnecessary, unwanted, had over-ridden all other emotions since I can remember; the cry of my heart for a man to love me, care about me, accept me … again, ever since I can remember.

Shortly after I turned six, something happened which added to the decimation of my personhood, though as an adult it helped make sense out of my childhood experiences. My younger sister was born about a month-and-a-half after my sixth birthday. One day shortly thereafter I had done something wrong. (Name a six-year-old who hasn’t!) This time my mother’s only response was: “We wanted your older brother, we wanted your little sister. We were stuck with you!” Until then I only thought I had a concept of the meaning of hard times…

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“Who am I?” – A Christian Life Testimony

“…but we have this treasure in earthen vessels that the excellence of the power may be of God and not of us.” 2 Corinthians 4:7

I would like to thank the Lord in allowing me to share how a loving Heavenly Father, took me from a life of self-defeat and engrafted me into His life to fulfill my life purpose.  I will share this through five events and encounters with the Lord in my life.


I grew up in a home that had very little regard to God, though from my mother’s background was very religious.  My mother emphasized the importance of going to church, and being Roman Catholic, made me go through the sacraments of my holy communion and my confirmation.  (In the Catholic Church this process is with tests, and a lot of memorizations of the catholic doctrine, and practices).

From early childhood, even though I had lived under a very abusive and immoral home, I had a sense of desire to be good in spite of all that I was introduced to through the influence of my older peers and my father.  I also sensed that there was a God and that that I would have the favor of God in my life.   I guess I believed this because of the many things that He had allowed me achieve in my formative years.

My parents separated when I was 6 years old and divorced when I was 12.   I attempted to balance out my life and cope with the sense of rejection or abandonment by getting involved in sports and becoming a high academic achiever.    My identity was in being successful in these areas in order to get noticed, and acceptance my by mom and peers.

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Jose and Marla Barreda with John and Chuck

Jose and Marla Barreda with John and Chuck