Joe Freeman Earns GFI Certification

We congratulate our associate, Joe Freeman, on completing his certification in Exchanged Life Counseling.

He writes,

Joe_F_4_16“I was challenged early on by my physical condition and the workload I had as a result of being a student in the Masters program at Luther Rice University. These two factors delayed my journey to becoming a certified Exchanged Life Counselor through GFI. However, it was a blessing in that I genuinely appreciate the process as well as the content, and I have been able to apply what I learned especially at the [America’s Keswick] Colony of Mercy.

The process was comprehensive and challenging. …The audio seminars were informative and provided a different perspective on how to counsel, particularly the Counseling God’s Way sessions. The required readings were a joy and I learned much from a variety of writers’ personal views of the Exchanged Life. I especially enjoyed, The New Life and Bone of His Bone.

Overall, I am grateful to be done this portion of the certification process and look forward to what Father will bring my way so I may apply and teach the various things I learned and was exposed to. Thank you, John, for your patience in answering my questions and being my guide, teacher and mentor.”

Check out for more about Joe’s testimony and ministry

Job’s Counselors

We recently came across an audio recording from about 1986. Dr. James Hicks gave a brief analysis of the deficiency of secular psychology. He then drew comparisons to the shortcomings of Job’s three “counselors”. The wise observation of younger Elihu was used to signal the wisdom of Exchanged Life Counseling…relating the message of the Cross and the Abiding Life to the counseling process. The recording is now on the GFI audio channel here with PDF notes.
(Thanks, Dr. Hicks!)

Luther Rice Graduation

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 12 years since I walked across the platform to receive the Biblical Counseling degree from Luther Rice College & Seminary in GA. Luther Rice’s Biblical Counseling degree is accredited, available online, and uses an Exchanged Life Counseling approach. We appreciate networking with L.R. and congratulate this year’s grads, including Roosevelt Robinson who took the GFI track for his required practicum!  – JBW

LRCS_gradLRC&U Facebook Announcement


Alumni Ministry Trips

GFI Associates Joe and Cherri Freeman spoke at New Village Church, Lake Grove, NY, last weekend. See their ministry newsletter at

Conference alumni, Dan and Carol Keiser are leaving today for a mission trip to Africa. He writes: “… I will be preaching again in their church on Sunday in Kaberamaido, Uganda and doing some lessons for the teenage boys there in the village. Carol is coming with me this time. It’s a long exhausting trip. (It takes 27 hours to get to the village…) Let’s pray for their safety and fruit that remains.

Here is a photo from the GFI gallery of the Freemans (left) and Keisers (right) with me at Bayside Chapel in NJ in 2013.

Freemans_Keiser Sept 13-JBW

New Covenant Recovery Ministry


We had the opportunity last month to speak in chapel and give a brief seminar at Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge in Minneapolis. Here is an outline document of the April 27th chapel message: New Covenant Recovery Ministry

An audio recording of the introductory seminar is at here.

A four part Grace Notes series Freedom from Addiction is here.

Years ago we were asked to advise a church on recovery ministry. This site was created to assist them:

Let’s pray for and endorse Exchanged Life recovery ministries, such as: