Watchman Nee: An Orthodox Evangelical

Exchanged Life Counseling is an application of the message of identification with Christ (Rom. 6:1-4, John 15:1-8) to clinical discipleship. Sometimes our brothers and sisters in other branches “the family tree” are suspicious of our doctrinal perspective. Since the writings of Watchman Nee (such as The Normal Christian Life) are classic, valuable resources, we may be called upon to reassure inquirers that his teaching is well within the boundaries or orthodoxy..

The Christian Research Institute (a.k.a “The Bible Answer Man” broadcast) devoted an issue of their Journal to retract their previous condemnation of Nee/Lee/”Local Church.”
The journal states,

“The purpose of this five-part article, then, is to offer a fresh critique of the LC [‘Local Church / Watchman Nee & Witness Lee]movement. After briefly looking at their background as a movement and as a source of controversy, we will take a long, hard look at what can fairly be called the four major concerns evangelicals have expressed about the LC. These were all succinctly presented in a 2007 “open letter” to the LC signed by a long list of evangelical theologians, apologists, and leaders. We will then draw our conclusions together and reassess where the LC stands in relation to historic orthodoxy and to the wider Christian community. Finally, we will look at the larger picture: what is at stake in the decades-long controversy surrounding the LC and what might be gained from its resolution”…

The issue is available for free download:

Not that we have will individually have complete agreement with Nee/ Lee literature, but it is helpful to have this research and vindication handy.

Hank Hanegraaff summarized this vindication in this online video:
“A Brief Affirmation of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee”