Updates to the Site

Users of the Grace Fellowship distance education program will notice some recent changes. Instead of the title GFI School, we are using the previous name: GFI Counseling Institute. This is an umbrella term for our distance ed program.

The Institute of Spirituotherapy had been available for a couple of years as Module 1 and Module 2. Now these are combined. The name has been changed back to Solomon School of Spirituotherapy (to distinguish it from the general program, Institute). The cost has been changed to reflect this editing. The Solomon School now features 21 online lectures.

Intro pages have been added under Conference Webinar and Workshop.

Note the new offer to conduct a local version of the GFI Workshop, facilitated by online videos and live Skype supervision over a span of days or weeks (as negotiated and as schedules permit).

And the “Basics” page has been renamed “Open Class” and are still available for public access.