Discipleship Coaching

baysidePastor Joe Faraldi of Bayside Chapel in New Jersey and was given a sabbatical to develop an exchanged life-oriented discipleship counseling manual. The document has been written is now being introduced to church leaders. Drawing upon devotional writers and including Charles Solomon’s Wheel and Line diagrams, the manual gives vital teaching and defines coaching and counselee roles. Let’s pray for this ministry at this church and beyond “for such a time as this.” You can email Joe at joe@baysidechapel.org

Online Workshop

Since Christian leaders are to equip the saints, and the Body of Christ is to develop though members edifying one another (Eph. 4:12,16), some of you may be interested in a free online workshop by CCEF. It’s on the topic of “You Are a Priest: Considering an Underused Identity” by Dr. Ed Welch. Although Nouthetic Counseling usually operates from a different model of man and of sanctification, we can still benefit from learning from others outside of our Network. As we do, it may also open outsiders to consider– or reconsider–Exchanged Life Counseling perspectives. https://www.ccef.org/events/ccef-live