Grace Discipleship: Ministering to Men

Testimony of Darren Fehr

Although I was raised in a loving Christian household and accepted Christ into my heart at a very early age, I did not know my Lord and Savior until I was well into my forties. I had to be broken before I would know what it was like to surrender, because in my brokenness I was too weak to want to carry on. He took over. 
Steve Ranz and I started Men Under Construction so that when someone accepts Christ into their life, they can share in the learning of what the Exchanged Life is and means–how it guides us on the journey to know Jesus so that we can trust and love Him.
My journey really began with getting into a small men’s group at Grace Church in Eden Prairie, MN where I met Steve and from there, got into a 1-1 mentoring relationship with him where he introduced the Handbook to Happiness. Having the opportunity to study this book with Steve led me to take a course with Cross to Life Discipleship and this provided me with more personalized guidance, going in-depth into the key fundamentals of living the Exchanged Life. What impacted me the most was the deeper understanding of my FLESH-life. I would say this allowed me to move forward with maturing in my relationship with Christ (Luke 9:23).
We have had so many men that are in our small groups, or were in our groups, that have said they wished they knew about the Exchanged Life many years ago. We are so grateful that we have the opportunity to have Christ at the center of our ministry.
Steve was interviewed for a GFI webinar on March 23, 2022. Additional resources for discipling men are described. Here is the recording: