Women’s Ministry Suggestions

Q. Do you have suggestions for those of us leading a church-based women’s ministry?

A. Check out  http://www.kardo.org/ : Wisdom for Mothers / Wisdom for Fathers …  David Glen’s testimony is in Handbook to Happiness. They apply the Exchanged Life message to marriage / parenting issues.

And thumbs up for Altha Burts’ Treasures of Truth and Stay up Higher.  http://well-of-life.org/  http://suhministry.org/

Remember the Gillhams. The Life Seminar would be good for couples, and Anabel’s book and audio: The Confident Woman Lifetime.org

Other gals in Galatians 2:20 ministry include:

*Lynn Alford http://hisgospelgrace.com/
*and some of Dr Leaf’s material is quite interesting. She is an evangelical, and believes in body / soul / spirit  http://www.drleaf.com/
*GFI affiliate in Minnesota uses a 12 week discipleship counseling process: Crosstolife.org

It would be strategic to identify and cultivate the contexts of:

1. The individual’s devotional life

2. One-to-one discipleship  / counseling

3. Small groups (circle / discussion)

4. Women Together meetings (sub-congregational / teaching & worship)

5. Rallies (inter-church events)

God bless Proverbs 31 + Gal 2:20!

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