Ministering with a Testimonial Posture

“Those who are merely well-versed may be able to teach, but they cannot truly share; their understanding of the needs of the heart is deficient, and this becomes all too evident to the hearers. Head-knowledge (study) must be integrated with heart-knowledge (experience) in order for there to be Spirit-motivated sharing.” – Miles Stanford

One of our initial objectives in Christ-centered counseling is to offer hope.

Andrew Murray connected our experience with the offer of hope: “True hope makes all the difference to us in our ministry. Our expectations have been personally proven. It makes possible joy in the midst of sorrow, confidence in the midst of defeat. It changes our attitude toward those to whom we minister… It changes our prayer for them. We ask not for some little progress or partial blessing for them but for the Lord’s complete victory. It changes our teaching ministry to them. Instead of fearfully giving a little more of God’s truth, we confidently declare all the counsel of God. There is ever before us the joy of the finished work which we know the Lord is going to accomplish.”

A Hindu remarked to missionary and author, E. Stanley Jones, “Jesus has got into your blood, hasn’t He? Jones replied, “Yes, and I hope He has raised my temperature.” Jones went on to counsel us, “that which is to reach the heart must come from the heat. Deep must speak to deep.” [Psalm 42:7].” [2]

Charles Solomon taught in the GFI Workshop that this personal ministry is not only a message to communicate, but a relationship to be shared.

May we share the Exchanged Life message in personal ministry with a testimonial posture.

“Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good;
Blessed is the man who trusts in Him!” (Psalm 34:8).


[1] None but the Hungry Heart, 1/16
[2] E. Stanley Jones, The Word Became Flesh, p. 150.

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