Jane’s Journey

We congratulate Jane Goins on completing he Exchanged Life Counselor certification this month! Jane and her husband live in Pigeon Forge, and in recent years she has assisted John with some counselees and has done some volunteer work at the office.

Her Three Cross Testimony is at her web site, Created4More.net.  And here is her testimony about her experience in the GFI equipping process:

“It has been an amazing experience to receive the benefits of this type of training, applying it to my own life and then having God-given opportunities to share this knowledge and guidance by the Holy Spirit.

“So, first of all, my own life journey through this Certification process was unique in the sense of how God went about bringing me along to this point in time.  I arrived in Pigeon Forge where God was about to show me my ultimate need to trust Him in a way that would change the course of my life. …Continue reading the full PDF


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